IRRIMEC s.r.l.

- Model MF3-mp - Irrigators with Pumps



Turbine drive, the patented 'Turbimec' system, interchangeable for flows of 10 to 130 m³/hr.Structure shot-blasted just before the application of an epoxy anticorrosive primer. A top coat of polyurethane paint with a low content of solvents is applied before being treated in the oven for a super finish.Model with hot galvanised ground support platform, giving 360° turntable rotation. Polyethelene hose PE 80.Hydraulic system which operates the support legs, jack, wheels, turntable rotation and lifts up the trolley.Twin main gear wind-in system.

  • Hydraulic kit for legs, jack, wheels, turntable rotation and lifting trolley driven from the tractor's hydraulic system.
  • Three wheel trolley, symmetric, fixed body with weights
  • Standard sprinkler with nozzles.
  • 4 metre rubber supply hose complete with couplers.
  • Pressure gauge in glycerine bath and gauge cock.
  • Double supply pipe.
  • Tachometer showing pull-in speed.
  • Crank for winding in hose.
  • Larger wheels 11.5-80/15,3 12PR.
  • Operator's manual and spare parts list.

  • Sime RANGER with nozzles and threaded terminal adaptor.
  • Sime EXPLORER raingun with nozzles & flanged adaptor.
  • KONKORD 27°-15° w/nozzles & threaded terminal adaptor.
  • Sime KRONOS (v.a.) raingun w/nozzles & flanged adaptor.
  • Komet TWIN 140 Plus raingun with nozzles.
  • Komet TWIN 160 Pro raingun with nozzles.
  • Komet TWIN 202 Pro raingun with nozzles.
  • Komet TWIN 140 Plus V.A. raingun with nozzles.
  • Komet TWIN 160 Pro V.A. raingun with nozzles.
  • Komet TWIN 202 Pro V.A. raingun with nozzles.
  • Sime DUPLEX gun & nozzles with horizontal jet for low level trolley.
  • Nozzles RANGER e KONKORD diam. from 18 to 36 mm.
  • Nozzles EXPLORER e KRONOS diam. from 22 to 50 mm.
  • Nozzles TWIN 140 Plus diam. from 16 to 30 mm.
  • Nozzles TWIN 160 Plus 20 to 35 mm-TWIN 202 Plus 20 to 40.
  • 60 cm threaded extension, for maize, c/w nuts, bolts & gaskets.
  • Automatic shut-off valve for low pressure 2”1/2.
  • Motor operated butterfly shut-off valve.
  • Standard raingun trolley symmetric - fixed body - medium flow.
  • Trolley fixed body - high flow -w/weights for hoses 125 & 135.
  • Kit to transfor trolley from 3 to 5 wheels - solid rubber tyres or steel wheels.
  • Pneumatic trolley wheels in replacement to the standard ones - surch. 
  • Kit to transform legs on the trolley, adjustable up to m. 3,20.
  • Ballast (2) kit.
  • Low level irrigation trolley with gate valves for two sprinklers (sprinklers not included).
  • 150 cm flanged extension kit.
  • 200 cm flanged extension kit.
  • 2 gate valves mounted on raingun main frame.
  • Manual height adjustment jack on trolley legs.
  • Hydraulic unit with gasoline drive - manual start.
  • Hydraulic unit with diesel oil drive - electric start.
  • Auxiliary diesel engine -electric start- in replacement of the turbine, winding & moving functions independent from the tractor-usable w/dosidis only.
  • Supply elbow w/separated entry and turbine cutting off for manure.
  • Electronic multifunction kit with actuator, DOSIDIS A.
  • Solar panel to Keep battery charged up.
  • Special alternator for charging battery with separated regulator.
  • 12 V Battery.
  • Warning, data logger & data transmission via GSM to remote station.
  • Wheels 400x15.5 or 15.0/55-17 instead of standard size.
  • Compressor.
  • Hot galvanised turret frame and drawbar.
  • Hot galvanised hose drum.

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