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- Model H - Controller



Controller designed to manage humidification systems in greenhouses. There are two different ranges, one to control 4 climate compartments (H-104) and the other one to control 8 (H-108). In each climate compartment this system controls 1 misting valve and 1 purge valve with the possibility to activate a central humidification pump.

  • This climate controller is designed to manage 4 or 8 climate compartments depending on the selected range.
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It enables the user to control the humidification depending on the relative humidity inside the greenhouse.
  • The Mastia H has 4 or 8 analogical inputs, depending on the selected rage, which allows the user to use signals from 4 to 20 mA. In these inputs the humidity sensor of each compartment is connected.
  • In this controller there are 6 or 10 digital outputs by free contact, depending on the selected range. Through these outputs the misting valves, irrigation pump and purge valves are managed.
  • This system generates historical data from the last 8 days. This historical data include maximum, minimum and average humidity values of each compartment.
  • The Mastia H enables the user to visualize the relative humidity value of each sector.
  • Using this equipment is possible to activate the humidification either manual or automatic way

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