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- Irrigation Controller



This equipment is an irrigation controller configurable, therefore It can be adapted to different kind of installations, it is able to control:

  • 16 start programs with 8 valve groups each program.
  • 99 irrigation valves
  • 9 fertilizers
  • 9 fertilizer dosing channels with possibility of automatic injectors back wash.
  • 9 irrigation pumps
  • 27 blowers/agitators
  • Start/stop control of electric generator.
  • Automatic back wash of 9 filters, based on differential pressure sensor
  • Digital Inputs to maximum and minimum pressure alarm
  • 8 fertilizer meters inputs
  • Water meter input
  • Empty fertilizer tanks input

The Mastia Configurable is available in 3 different ranges which the only one difference is the quantity of digital inputs and outputs. These ranges are:

  1. Mastia 116 with 4 inputs and 12 outputs, it offers the possibility to be updated to the rage 124
  2. Mastia 124 with 8 inputs and 16 outputs, it offers the possibility to be connected to a PC through RS 232, via MODEM or by means of mobile phone using GPS.
  3. Mastia 132 with 8 inputs and 24 outputs, it offers the possibility to be enlarged using bocks of 16 outputs each one.

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