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Mat - Fiber Plus is a100% wood fiber mulch designed to give top performance in hydraulic planting equipment. It features a high grade organic tackifier measured and premixed 3% byweight. It delivers increased performance and erosion control by strongly bonding the seed, fiber, and soil together. The tackifier also lubricates the slurry for improved pumpability and easy application.

Protect Your Investment

If you are planting without Mat-Fiber , you may as well throw your seeds to the wind.

Wind, rain and dryness can destroy or carry away unprotected seeds before they have a chance to take root. Mat-  Fiber mulch helps you beat the elements by giving your seeds the best protection available for growing a solid, healthy lawn or ground cover.

How Does Mat-Fiber Work?

Designed specifically for use in hydraulic planting equipment, Mat-Fiber is made from whole wood fibers, mixed in a large tank with water, seed and fertilizer, then sprayed through a nozzle onto the soil.

Its long fibers interlock and cling to the soil, forming a web- like network that holds the seeds in place. The network then acts like a second layer of soil that deflects wind and rain and insulates the seeds. It retains moisture to sustain the seeds during dry spells. Mat-Fiber decomposes and contributes nutrients to the soil, but only after the grass has grown enough to stabilize the soil.

The Mat-Fiber Advantage

Easy application.

Mat-Fiber mixes well with the seed, water, fertilizer and optional tackifier in the tank. It sprays quickly for even coverage in a single application, regardless of slope and soil conditions. You need less Mat-Fiber than other mulches to cover the same area.

Lower cost.

Because of its superior matting ability, Mat-Fiber covers the same area as other mulches, but with fewer pounds. The effect is more effective coverage at a lower cost.

Rapid seed growth.

Mat-Fiber 's mix of fiber sizes provides excellent water absorption. Its' strong mat holds moisture and promotes rapid seed growth for quick, quality results.

Only whole wood is used to make Mat-Fiber . No weed seeds or germination-inhibiting chemicals are introduced during manufacturing, so you get a weed-free lawn with a great layer of protection for your germinating grass.

Wherever erosion control, soil protection or vegetation is needed, Mat-Fiber is an excellent choice. Use it for residential lawns, roadside stabilization and near highway construction, and for commercial lawns and landscape development. Golf courses, athletic fields, parks, cemeteries and other large areas are also handled easily with Mat-Fiber . It also works well as a tackifier over straw, for a two-part mulching application.

Mat-Fiber Plus with Added Tackifier

For enhanced erosion control protection, Mat-Fiber Plus is the industry standard. Like Mat-Fiber, it is made of whole wood fiber but contains 3% (by weight) high grade organic tackifier.

The addition of this organic tackifier provides increased erosion control because the fibers are more strongly bonded to the seed, the soil and each other. The tackifier also increases the slurry lubricity, improving pumping and ease of application.

Designed to give top performance in hydraulic planting equipment, Mat-Fiber Plus blends easily with seed, fertilizer and water to form a homogeneous slurry, so it stays where it is sprayed. That is a big plus!

The 'Plus' Advantage

Mat-Fiber Plus with tackifier is a great alternative to mixing your own tackifier. Here's why our pre-mixed mulch is a much better way to go:

Better germination and soil protection.

Because we do the mixing, every tank load you dispense will have the same reliable blend of mulch and tackifier. Pre-mixing also ensures that the tackifier is fully hydrated for maximum bonding strength. So you will always get the results you expect.

Little or no waste.

If you rely on in-tank tackifier mixing, then you will know all about gum balls and fish eyes, over-mixing, and wasting tackifier with every little breeze. Pre-mixed Mat-Fiber Plus eliminates all of these problems because it is all 'in the bag'.

Time savings.

With Mat-Fiber Plus , you store, transport and handle one bag instead of two or three. So you spend more time seeding , and less time preparing.

Added worker safety.

Pre-mixing tackifier and mulch eliminates the irritating dust clouds you get when adding pure tackifier to the tank. Pre- mixing also prevents tackifier spills, which can be dangerously slippery when wet.

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