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Mathews Company is a leading, family-owned manufacturer with more than 40-years commitment to building 'Iron Horse Quality' agriculture equipment that meets the needs of modern agriculturists and landscapers around the world.

Thorough research development and testing is the hallmark of every M-C® product - ensuring all equipment meets the high standards of quality and dependability established by founder, B.C. 'Matt' Mathews.

Mathews Company first introduced continuous flow dryers in 1957 and today the M-C® continues to set the standard for dryers in state-of-the-art handling and management systems.

Operate dry and cool or all heat.

Large wet grain hopper for fewer filling cycles.

12' Grain Columns eliminate large moisture differences between inside and outside of columns. One way air flow - drying front continues to move out through the grain, even in the cooling section. Heat off the grain on the inner part of the column dries the grain in the outer part of the column. As it moves through, more uniform dried grain is produced.

M-C's electronic Moisture Matic® II automatically adjusts for varying levels of grain moisture by controlling the flow of grain through the dryer. Grain temperature is monitored by a thermistor for maximum sensing and infinite discharge for speed control.

Full Length Extruded Aluminum Metering Rolls with DC variable speed control regulate the flow of grain out of the dryer.

M-C adjustable venturi gas burners provide maximum combustion at all operating temperatures.

Simple, easy to operate controls regulate heated air temperature, fuel flow (LP or natural gas), and electrical functions.

Automatic Safety Controls protect the dryer.

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