Matsusaka Ltd.

- Model Screen Type - Automated Live Fish Grader


Revolutionary patented technology connects to a live-fish transfer pump to totally automate live-fish grading. Fish are gravity fed into V-shaped channel, smooth design allows smooth transfer of fish without flopping out of the channel.

High Precision

  • Injuary Free-Short Cycle Time- Large Quantity
  • Completely automates previously labor intensive live fish grading.
  • Uniform fish weight allows better control of feeding for optimum feed convension, optimum growth.
  • No electricity required.
  • Grade size easily adjustable by just turning a handle.
  • Tough Corrosion Resistant Construction.
  • Designed and built to last-even in harsh seawater environments (FRP, stainless steel).
  • Fish can be sorted up to 3 different sizes by a one-cycle grading operation.

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