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The high price increase of industrial fertilizer has resulted in usage of slurry, as manure, is more and more economical. By using qualitative equipment, the plants can better take advantage of the valuable nutrients and the profitability increases. 'Six of seven Slurry tankers were of brand Matti' With its robust construction and its advanced solutions, Matti Slurry tanker has gained ground on the market among the entrepreneurs. You could see that year 2009 in the entrepreneur’s machine park by the slurry reservoir at a Finnish potato processing plant; six of seven Slurry tankers were of brand Matti.

30 years of experience

Matti Slurry tankers bases on solid experience. It is built robust and includes innumerable outstanding solutions, which makes the handling of slurry easy and precise. With Matti Slurry tanker can many types of slurry be nozzle spread, injector spread or grind in. In this way can the plants, in an optimal way, be supplied with the nutrients.

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