- Model 2,9 - Mower



Working width of MATYLDA 2,9 mower is 2,90 meters. The body is made of stainless metal. The cutting element is a set of three rotating rotors, each with two blades. The machine is hung on a three point hitch and powered by a telescopic joint shaft from tractor's power transmission shaft. The mower is installed symmetrically to the tractor’s axis. . The height of mowing is regulated by a rare supporting shaft and a tractor’s hydraulic hoist. The mower shouldn’t be used on fields sloped more than 12 degrees or covered in large stones.

  • Length: 1,55 m
  • Width: 2,95 m
  • Mowing width: 2,90 m
  • Height: 0,85 m
  • Working speed: 4-12 km/h
  • Weight: 330 kg
  • Power demand: 15-20 kW

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