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- Aluminum Grain Trailer



Maurer hopper bottom grain trailers started production as a Steel unit to the industry. This trailer was designed by farmers for the transportation of grain from the field to the farm or from the farm to your market. One of the most notable features of a Maurer grain trailer is the ground clearance from the hopper allowing the best clearance in the industry. This ground clearance allows you the opportunity for your swing hopper augers to fit easily under the hopper of the grain trailer. Through time Maurer has answered the call of the industry with an Aluminum hopper bottom grain trailer to our product offering.Today Maurer can fulfill your hopper bottom grain trailer requirements in either Steel or Aluminum configurations.

  • 22.5K Tandem axles with ABS Brakes (single axle) and 10 bolt hub piloted rims
  • D.O.T. approved conspicuity tape
  • Front & rear aluminum ladders
  • Manifest Holder
  • Anti-sail mudflaps (Maurer logo)
  • Sealed wiring system, 7-way receptacle
  • 2-speed landing gear (36'-48' trailers)
  • 2-speed dropleg landing gear (22' &28' trailers)
  • Full center dividers on all trailers 36' and up
  • Shur-lok manual roll tarp
  • Rubber mounted LED lights
  • Easy off tarp stops
  • 20' X 30' Hopper opening

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