- Model 1.50 m - Unrollers of Round Bales



Our unrollers are delivered as standard without any hydraulic distributor. Hydraulic distributor (levers) or hydro-electrical controls including a flow restrictor controlling the forward motion of the conveyor belt are optional.

Features common to all the unrollers :
  • Minimum recommended tractor flow requirement: 30 L/min.
  • conveyor belt driven by hydraulic motor and geared down chain conveyor belt: 2 reinforced chains with roller - thickness 3.8 mm and 16 bars in |_| of 50 x 25 with 3 and 2 teeth welded 1 on 2.
  • On the distribution side: free roller mounted on bearings with anti rolling-up system.
  • The DBST models only unroll to the right, looking forwards (tractor direction).
  • The DBRM models: the unroller rotates manually on the linkage frame to unroll to the right, left or rear. The rotation is released by foot-pedal.
  • The DBRH models: the unroller rotates under hydraulic control to tip to the right, left or rear.

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