- Model 1.50 m - Unrollers-Spreaders with Fingers for Round Bales



Our unrollers- spreaders are delivered as standard without any hydraulic distributor. Hydraulic distributor (levers) or hydro-electrical controls including a flow restrictor controlling the forward motion of the conveyor belt are optional.

Distribution of hay, straw or wrapped bales

Common features of straw spreaders with fingers :
  • Minimum recommended tractor flow requirement: 45 L/min for spreading from 5 to 6 metres depending on the type of straw.
  • The spreader kit and the control of conveyor belt and other options are hydraulically driven by a motor mounted in series (max. power goes to the spreader kit).
Distribution of hay or wrapped bales :
  • A three-way valve cuts off the hydraulic supply to the spreader kit.
  • The spreader kit must be raised to the vertical position.
  • Manual locking of the comb in position «spreading» or «distribution» in standard. Hydraulic control (with 2 D.A. cylinders) i.o. manual control is available as an option.
    Reference: RDKP-2VDE.

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