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'MAX PNEUMATIC' is a modern functional high-quality precision pneumatic seeder. 'MAX PNEUMATIC' seeder is designed for single-seed sowing of almost all kinds of vegetable seeds, i.e. the seeds of the following vegetables: carrot, cabbage, parsley, cauliflower, onion, small radish, sugar beet, parsnip (coated seeds), garden beet, rape, maize, pea, white mustard. All the seeds designated for sowing by means of the seeder should be calibrated (coated or uncoated seeds).

'MAX PNEUMATIC' seeder is suitable for single-line sowing and double-line sowing from each section. Sowing can be performed on a flat soil surface as well as on ridges or beds.

In order to adapt the seeder to sowing specific kind of seeds, a proper sowing disk should be selected and installed.

Seed sowing disks are made of extra-fine stainless steel. The following aspects should be taken into account while selecting suitable sowing disks: kind of cultivation, distance between seeds in a row and quantity of seeds to be sown per hectare. The sowing disks can have from 6 to 120 holes in a row. Size of the holes ranges from 0.6 to 3.0 mm. The sowing disks have one or two rows of holes. Our specialists are always ready to help you choose proper sowing disks.


  • seed seeder MAX PNEUMATIC 2-rows
  • seed seeder MAX PNEUMATIC 3-rows
  • seed seeder MAX PNEUMATIC 4-rows
  • seed seeder MAX PNEUMATIC 5-rows
  • seed seeder MAX PNEUMATIC 6-rows

Even a standard version of the seeder is a versatile and well-equipped machine and the options available make it possible to adapt the machine to the customer’s requirements.

Additional options make it possible to extend the seeder’s beam and adapt the machine in such a manner as to add additional sections. Specific details are always agreed with the Customer at the stage of order placement.

Sowing system pneumatic
Size of seeds sown 0,8 - 10 mm
Minimum spacing of rows 23 cm
Length of a cattying beam from 2.0m, as agreed
Distance between seeds in a row 1,2 cm – 79,8 cm
Distance between extreme lines of sowing,
in case of double-row sowing from a section 5,0 cm; 7,5 cm
Sowing depth 0,5 - 3 cm 
Number of sections in the set 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
Number of ratios of the sowing disk drive 16
Type of drive of the sowing disks from driving wheels
Drive of the fan from the tractor via WPT shaft
Cubic capacity of the container 1,7 l (option 12,8 l)
Spacing of suspension pins 75 cm
Weight of one section 65 kg
Weight of suspension with a beam and wheels 320 kg
Maximum overall dimensions width 3 m, height 1,5 m, length 1,175 m
Power tractor demand 2-3 units 22 kW (30 HP), 4-6 units 26 kW (35 HP)

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