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The MAXI+  feeder is ideal to feed both weaning, wean-to-finish and finisher pigs. Feeders are built of plastic and stainless steel – a closed 70L plastic hopper with a cover and a feed tube in stainless steel.  Feeders are easy to adjust and easy to clean and are all suitable for both meal and pellet feed. The MAXI+ feeders are equipped with a molded stainless steel trough, which gives a smooth and hygienic surface.  The MAXI+ feeder program has 3 trough options – weaner trough, wean-to-finish trough and a finisher trough. The width of the MAXI+ feeders is adapted, so they are easy to install in existing barns, when replacing old tube style feeders.


  • Fitting dimension:Maxi+ feeders – 61cm - 24”
  • Capacity per trough:20 pigs per side.
  • All the feeders are equipped with stainless steel water pipes and nipples
  • The frame on all feeders are made in 4mm stainless steel
  • Trough in molded stainless steel
  • Plastic hopper – volume 70 liter
  • Option for MAXI+ feeders – stainless steel foot brackets 

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