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MAXIBAC tubes contain minerals, vitamins, and a yeast culture that helps to increase appetite and improve health. MAXIBAC syringes contain minerals, vitamins but do not contain yeast culture because calves are monogastric and will not benefit from yeast supplementation.

In young animals, it is given to prevent or help control scours (diarrhea). Harmful organisms are usually the cause of scours. These organisms require a high pH to live. MAXIBAC® delivers 2 billion specialized lactic acid bacteria to the gut. These lactic acid bacteria (LAB) produce lactic acid and lower gut pH.

  • 80cc syringe for small animals.

  • 300cc tube for larger animals and high populations.

The normal dose of MAXIBAC® is 10cc orally.

MAXIBAC® LAB is specifically developed to improve the digestive function in animals and is not by-products used as starter cultures for other fermentations. They have the ability to survive the trip to the gut, adhere to the gut wall, and have some antibiotic resistance.

MAXIBAC® is more effective than products containing billons more bacteria that will not make it to the gut.

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