- Control and Information System



Maxi is the umbrella term for Komatsu Forest´s comprehensive control and information system for effective and profitable logging. It is comprised of three products, each tailor made for their respective task: Harvester (MaxiXplorer), forwarding (MaxiForwarder) and other machines equipped with Komatsu Harvester heads (MaxiHead).

MaxiXplorer – The most modern control system on the market

Komatsu MaxiXplorer is a completely new control system for Komatsu harvesters, and the most modern system on the market. It’s a complete system for machine and head control, crosscutting, and administration. It provides optimum productivity, flexibility, and user-friendliness. The result is an unbeatable overall grasp and reporting of your logging assignments, as well as complete control over the entire logistics and transport chain.

Revolutionary power and speed - intuitively.

An important aid to profitability is the exceptional user-friendliness of the new MaxiXplorer. A modern, windows-based graphic user interface and the simple menu structure make MaxiXplorer easy to both learn and use. The system is also simple to maintain, adapt, and develop to meet specific needs.

Performance is top-notch, too. Such as the processor in the new basic computer, which is 3000% more powerful than its predecessor. Or the new PC with a remote/repositionable display screen, four times as much internal memory, and 40% more processing power.  

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