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- Proline Acid



Pure 99,5 proc. L-a proline acid. Irreplaceable amino acid ntended to spray through the leaves or seed treatment  The product used for reducing biotic and abiotic plant stress.  Regulate the macro and micro nutrient uptake and stimulate plant natural defense mechanisms.
MAXPROLIN contains L-a proline acid witch plants appropriate very  well.

Main MAXPROLIN applications:

  • All vegetation period n the cold, frost drought stress or waterlogged
  • Weakened plant recovery n spring
  • Winter wheat preparing for winter
  • Irreplaceable amino acid, which encourages the formation of hair roots, involved in nitrogen accumulation, promotes pollen, seed germination. Regulates the circulation of water in the plant, so the plants easier recoverng from drought.
  • Encourages formation of 'B' type chlorophyll in plants that why photosynthesis is more effective so the plant easier overcomes unfavorable conditions and are more productive.

Easy to use       
MAXPROLIN is mixing with 100-3001 water for 1 hectare. unless the manufacturer of fertilizer states otherwise. Product can be mixed with other all sorts of fertilizers

MAXPRO LIN most effective when its unfavorable growing conditions like frost cold, drought, and waterlogged and ect.       

With one pack may treat 10 ha crop. There is 2 x 10 g bags in one pack.       

Application rates:       

  • Wheat and seed rape 2g/ha
  • Vegetables: 3-4 g/ha
  • Gardens 5-10 g/ha       

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