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- Model 1010F LT T16 - Potting Machine


The Mayer range of potting machines is well established within the British horticultural industry and offers machines to pot from 7cm to 15 litre pots. The machines are designed and constructed at the Mayer factory with state-of-the-art equipment, to CE specification and to give many years reliable service. Mayer potting machines offer high performance with quality filling of round or square pots of all sizes. All the potting machines have central pot size adjustment by means of one handle for fast pot range changeover, plus an ultra-smooth movement from pot to pot for ease of potting, even at high speed. The Mayer 1010 Low Tower T16 A 16-station turntable with a 5 - 22cm pot size range. A high capacity machine with a potting rate of 900 - 4500 pots per hour, fitted with a 2-speed elevator and 1.5 cubic metre hopper as standard. The option of an increased hopper capacity to 2.75 cubic metres is available if required.

  • Suitable pot sizes 5-22cm (round or square)
  • Up to 4000 pots per hour (depending on pot size)
  • Hopper capacity 1.5M-4.0M³
  • Variable speed
  • Also available with 8 stations (T8 15-32cm pot size)

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