MB Crusher

- Model MB-HDS323 - Shafts Screener



Designed with our constructive approach towards reducing waste and increasing the profitability of the construction site, this machine is the latest “gem.” Designed and produced by an Italian company famous all over the world: what’s new about the MB-HDS Shafts Screener is its ability to adapt to a wide range of job sites and varied types of materials. It is the ideal solution for those who have to process various kind of waste material, which can be quickly repurposed into re-usable and profitable material.

  • Model: MB-HDS323
  • Recommended excavator: ≥ 18 ≤ 35 ton
  • Recommended backhoe loader/loader: ≥ 10 ≤ 15 ton
  • Recommended skid loader: -
  • Weight: 2,4 ton
  • Load capacity: 1,65 m3
  • Pressure: > 250 bar
  • Counter pressure: < 5 bar
  • Oil flow: 130 l/min.

  • Piping and excavation
  • Tunnels and enclosed spaces
  • Urban job site and road works
  • Maintenance of parkland, farmland and woodland
  • Recycling and composting

  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Fixed Coupling
  • Shaft Holder
  • RC Compost Kit
  • RM Mixer Kit
  • RE8 Fine Sifting Kit
  • RE16 Fine Sifting Kit
  • RQ20 Medium Sifting Kit
  • RQ50 Medium Sifting Kit

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