Model MB2 - Multi Tasking Snow Vehicle



The MB2 tractor is the most aggressive and maneuverable heavy duty snow removal chassis available for airports today. While taking the battle to the snow and ice at your airport, the MB2 provides a comfortable environment to isolate the operator from the fray with air ride seats and an air ride cab. The versatile MB2 can be equipped with various front plows, tow brooms, underbody scrapers, dump bodies, spreaders, and de-icing equipment as desired. It has a 6 speed automatic transmission, and the right side of its drive engine enclosure rotates upward to allow full access for maintenance and engine repair. The tapered spring suspension allows for a smoother ride and increased driver control.

The axles are designed for sharp steering cramp angles. Combined with optional all wheel steer, it provides for remarkably small turning circles. With a 24 foot front plow it has a wall to wall turning circle of 68 feet, allowing a 180 degree turn on your taxiway with the plow never leaving the paved surface.

The aggressive drive train includes full time four wheel drive with a full locking center differential, and a lockable controlled traction differential at each axle. Coupled with electronic automatic traction control, the MB2 drive train assures the most efficient use of vehicle power. Depending on airport configuration and needs, the MB2 can team with either a cradling broom or TTB tracking broom.

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