Model MB4 - Front Mount Snow Blower Chassis



The MB4 chassis is designed for airport snow blowers and can interchange to host plows, front brooms, tow brooms, underbody scrapers, and other equipment as desired. Both engine enclosures on the MB4 feature full length, full height butterfly side covers that rotate upward, exposing the entire engine compartment for unimpeded maintenance access.

The unique M-B blower ribbon features hydrostatic drive from the chassis engine. M-B electronic control assures ribbon speed exceeds ground speed. The blower engine's full 700 horsepower mechanically drives the impeller, enabling 7500 TPH performance and casting distances over 150 feet.

The MB 'Torque Flow' transfer case center differential constantly proportions torque between front and rear axles. Coupled with electronic automatic traction control the torque proportioning transfer case reduces tire wear while assuring the most efficient use of vehicle power.

A tapered spring suspension allows for a smoother ride and increased driver control. Driver comfort is assured with air-ride seats and an air-ride cab.

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