IHI STAR Machinery Corporation

Model MBC2070-4082 - Fertilizer Spreader (Small Size)


Hopper capasity (litre) : 200, 300, 400. Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 9.5 – 44 kW (13 – 60PS). Adaptable fertilizer : powder, granular, sandy. MBC2070-4082 series matches well with a small size tractor.


Fertilizer is spreaded by a rotating spinner which has 4pcs of blade. Spreading uniformity can be adjusted by choosing the position of shutter plate in accordance with the kind of fertilizer.


Fertilizer is spreaded by a swinging spout. The application rate is always identical on both sides without any adjustment.


With a translucent polyethylene hopper, the operator can see the remains of fertilizer in a hopper at the seat of tractor. You don’t need to stop operation to check the rest of fertilizer.


Hopper can be dumped back without any tools to wash a machine and remove fertilizer.

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