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MBP Feed finds the optimal application of by-products from the food industry in various animal feed products. High quality and good service are the hallmark of MBP Feed all the way from product to transport and delivery. Our main products are feed oils, milk powders, protein feed and other feed powder. We have known most of our suppliers for years, and we have the quality of our products checked at independent, accredited laboratories. In order to ensure the good and stable quality of our products, our suppliers are required to have a high standard of quality control systems.

MBP Feed processes and mixes some by-products to more complex products which may be used as excellent substitutes for traditional feed products.
In MBP Feed we keep up with the on-going research in animal nutrition in order to find the optimal application for our products.
MBP Feed sales in Northern Europe
MBP Feed mainly sells feed to the feed industry and to farmers. We have a wide range of customers having long experience with our products. In MBP Feed, a well educated and experienced staff in charge of the feed sales is always at your service if you want to discuss products, feeding and nutrition. Don’t hesitate to contact us!
MBP Feed products:
Vegetable Feed oil
Vegetable Feed oil for all kinds of animals. Through our own MBP companies in Argentina and in Lithuania we are sourcing quality feed oil directly from producers in South America and in Russia. This gives us the full control on the products all the way from producer to end-product. We can offer various types of rape oil, soy oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils.
Fish oil for feed
Our fish oil has a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids and the origin is anchovies, mackerel and sardines.  We can offer you a range of various fish oils.
Milk powder 17/20
Milk powder  17/20 is a milk powder of high quality intended for piglet feed. It is composed mainly of protein from milk, and the fat is homogenized in order to insure an optimal intestinal metabolism.
On demand, we can produce milk powder with other specifications also.
Potato Protein
A protein source of high quality intended for all sorts of animal feed. Potato protein has a high digestibility, the dry matter consisting of  80-85% crude protein. It is particularly well suited for young animals, piglets, calves, minks and pet food.
Crude glycerol for feed from RME producers contains 80% glycerol and is based on rape seed only. It can be used as an energy source in feed for all animals, but is especially well suited for cattle. Crude glycerol is used to increase the level of glucose in the feed. It is a liquid feed, taste and colour resemble molasses. The recomended daily ration is of 0,5-3 kg per head. It is a high quality product with very low content of methanol.
Other feed products
In addition to the above-mentioned products, we have access to quantities of different by-products from the food industry, such as oat meal, cacao powder etc.
MBP Feed is operating within the frames of the European legislation, the two main regulations of which being European legislation of feed and food, EG no 178/2002 and the Regulation of requirements for feed hygiene, EG no 183/2005. Furthermore, in all the countries in which MBP has a representation, we respect the national feed legislation.
We are also a member of the organisation Veterinarian Feed Control (VFK) in Sweden.
We work in compliance with the European as well as the respective national feed regulations, a fact which ensures the maximal safety of our products. This is a very important issue for all our customers.

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