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MBP provides a range of fertiliser products, whether you are a farmer growing plants, or a waste water treatment plant growing bacteria for waste water purification, we have the nutrients that can help you. Our fertiliser product range includes Nitrogen, Phosphor, and Potassium and Sulphur products. In addition to the content of nutrients some products are complemented with other attributes to enhance performance. As an example for farming purposes some products have a content of biological oils to reduce evaporation of nutrients and to reduce smell, or a product can be acidic to lower the pH and thereby reduce evaporation. Our products are currently used for Maize, Rape, Wheat, Potatoes, and other crops. For waste water treatment plants we develop products that are tailored to meet plant requirements, for example to get the right mix of different nutrients or of acidity.

MBP fertilisers sales

MBP is selling fertiliser products to farmers in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) and England but also to producers of solid and liquid fertilisers in Scandinavia, England and Germany. The products are analyzed and registered for use as fertiliser or for use as soil improvement. All our products comply with environmental legislation in the various markets.

Some of our main products:
  • Urea residue - (30-33% Nitrogen)
  • Potassium sulphate - (35-40% Potassium and 15-20% Sulphur)
  • Phos acid - (28 % Phosphor)

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