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Model MCD Series - Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer

The MCD Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer. Breakthrough in Paddy Drying Technology. The Relative movements of Grain and Air in the Drying Zone, producing 'MIXED-FLOW' characteristics resulting. Tailored for high capacity grain drying, ranging from 100 Ton/Day to over 400 Ton/Day.

  • Simple and easy operation
  • Dust separation of exhaust air 'Negative Air System' removes Dust & Humidity from building, minimising pollution
  • Rigid Modular System and Sanitary Look (Galvanized)
  • Fast and save drying
  • Unique Elevator Head Aspiration System enhance drying resulting in cleaner product
  • Can be adapted to using clean and cheap alternative energy (using Rice Husk as Fuel)
  • Intelligent Automatic Moisture and Temperature Control System
  • Low energy consumption
  • Range of MCD Grain Drying Systems
  • - 100-120 Ton / Day
  • - 200-240 Ton / Day
  • - 300-360 Ton / Day
  • - 400-480 Ton / Day
  • Project Photos: MCD Dryer (for Paddy)
  • Project Photos: MCD Dryer (for Corn)

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