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- Model 5000 - Universal Tillage Tools



The Incite 5000 Series tillage tool is the first ever Universal Tillage™ tool on the market.  It offers the unique ability to perform in a wide range of conditions spring or fall, by providing features and adjust-ability that cannot be found anywhere else. The Incite™ provides the flexibility to adjust to different soil types and conditions from field-to-field and from year-to-year.  The versatility of this tool allows the operator to accomplish in a single pass what once would take multiple passes with different machines.  With working widths from 14′ to 40′, the Incite™ is loaded with innovative, user-friendly design features such as the Universal Tillage™ selector that allows for on-the-go hydraulic adjustment of disc gang angles.

  • Universal Tillage™ Selector
  • Available on all models. Allows operator on-the-go disk angle adjustment between selected range points. Choose from 3°, 6°and 9°.
  • hydraulic adjust
  • Hydraulic Dura-Reel™ Height Adjust
  • Adjustable reel depth from disk depth to 8” above the bottom of the disk blade.
  • DSC01290
  • INCIZOR™ Blades
  • Unique INCIZOR™ blade featuring 22” diameter 6mm razor-sharp reversed crimped blades for greater strength. Standard on all models. Capable of 6” depth. Unique to McFarlane Mfg. Co.
  • DSC01330
  • Dura-Reel™
  • Patent pending 7-blade 18” diameter open center reel with no center shaft provides better material flow and resists plugging in wet, sticky soil. *5-Bolt hubs for added strength and durability.
  • DSC01337
  • Rolling Basket
  • The rolling basket provides the finishing touch ‒ 8-high carbon flat bars have adjustable down pressure to meet varying field conditions. Convenient settings for more aggressive clod sizing or less aggressive for soil separating.
  • DSC01336
  • 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow
  • Our proven 3-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow follows the ground closely. Its flexibility allows residue to flow and easily raises or lowers to conform to various soil and residue conditions.
  • DSC01359
  • Swept Back Reel Design
  • Swept back reel design for better residue and rock clearance.
  • DSC01338
  • Large Walking Tandem Axle on Mainframe and Wing
  • DSC01339
  • Spring Cushion Level Lift to Absorb Shock
  • DSC01583
  • Single Point Depth Stop
  • Sealed Service-Free Trunnion Bearing
  • With 1 3/4' round center shaft.
  • UHMW 6mm Standard Axle Bearing

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