McFarlane Mfg. Co.

- Spiral Reel Stalk Chopper



McFarlane’s No-Till Stalk Chopper is an excellent way to chop standing stalks. This 3-point mounted machine features two rows of spiders holding reels with 8 hardened steel chopping knives on the front bar and 6 hardened knives on the rear bar. The front row chops the ridge stalks and the rear row is offset for valley tilling. The spiders are design to permit adjustable row spacing. In addition, chopping knives can be set to run straight or at right or left angles. This permits McFarlane’s Stalk Chopper to work efficiently in practically any ridge-till field.

  • 7” square heavy-wall toolbar
  • Combination CAT II/III hitch
  • Flexible or rigid connectors
  • 21” & 12” wide chopping blades
  • Wide units have folding toolbar
  • Hardened spiral blades
  • Triple-lip seals on reel bearings

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