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Model MCI B60 - Battery Powered Controllers



The Heron MCI B60 controller provides an ideal solution for the irrigation of large areas where there is no mains power. Applications include landscape irrigation and farming. The controller is powered from either a solar panel or a 12V DC supply. A single two wire cable is laid throughout the area to be irrigated. Latching solenoid valves are attached to the cable via Heron latching decoders and operated by the MCI B60 controller. The two wire cabling system is a cost effective and rugged solution. For applications in public places, decoders and cabling can be fitted underground, giving a secure installation.

  • Operate 4 - 144 valves
  • Model sizes available 4, 8, 12 or 16 valves
  • Up to 60 independent programs
  • Run 6 valves in parallel as standard

  • Menu driven with a four line alpha numeric display. 
  • Valves can be individually named. Valves can be placed in any order within an irrigation program. 
  • 15 irrigation programs and 60 automatic starts. 
  • Automatic starts can be set on either a daily or weekly basis and any automatic start can start any program. 
  • Up to 8 valves can run in parallel within a program or up to 8 irrigation programs can run in parallel. 
  • Valve times can be set in minutes and seconds or hours and minutes. 
  • The control of each program can be individually specified. For example, a program can be configured to ignore the manual percentage adjust facility. 
  • Rainfall can be monitored and automatically reduce watering by a given percentage. 
  • Continual cycling of up to 8 programs. Cycling can be controlled by a combination of time and/or light energy. The cycling program can be assigned as having priority over other irrigation programs. 
  • Operate as either a standalone irrigation controller or run from a PC using Heron’s 'Ground Control” software. 
  • Fertigation option to support the dosing of feed.

  • The decoders are able to store charge which makes operation of latching solenoids at remote distances ultra reliable. 
  • Decoders are fail safe and will switch off the solenoid valve even if the cable breaks or power is lost to the controller. 
  • Operates6V,12V and 24V latching solenoid valves. 
  • Connect up to 60 valves on a single cable. 
  • The two wire cable path can have any number of spurs or loops. 
  • Latching decoders are fully water proof. 
  • The Controller is housed in a lockable splash proof (IP65) enclosure. 
  • Controller includes a lead acid battery that is charged from the solar panel. Alternatively the controller can be run from a 12V DC supply. 
  • Decoders have their own surge protection circuitry built- in.
  • Integration with a range of sensors, including a flowmeter and a rain gauge.
  • Data stored in permanent memory.
  • Pump decoders enable pumps to be controlled locally or remotely to the controller. Pump starts are optically isolated to protect against lightning surges.
  • The controller is equipped with a unique lightning surge suppression system. Conforms to ANSI C62 surge suppression standards.

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