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An all-natural blend of extruded cottonseed meal, distiller’s grains, soybean meal and McNess premix in convenient tubs for beef cattle. Furst-McNess makes it convenient to feed cattle on pasture with Bova Max Tubs. You already know the advantages and cost savings of using by-product feeds, and the tubs make it easier to feed your herd. Load the pre-filled tubs and take them where they’re needed. (Get a hand loading these — they are 200 pounds each!) A free-choice supplement with added vitamins and minerals for pasture or roughage rations used for continuous feeding; expected intake is 1–3 pounds per head daily. Available in pallets or truck load lots. Contact Furst-McNess to order your tubs today.

Why Use Bova Max Tubs?

  • Less Waste
  • Convenient to Use
  • Less Production Cost
  • Quality Feed

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