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Of all the milking clusters in the extensive DeLaval range, the DeLaval Harmony cluster has become synonymous with fast milking and superior comfort since its introduction in the early 1990s, This reliability, speed and ease of use has made it one of the most popular clusters in use on dairy farms all over the world. The light, durable shells and high-quality materials make for a cluster that weighs less than normal clusters, reducing the stress on both the udder and the milkers, as well as the risk for liner slip and cluster fall-off. When in place, the DeLaval Harmony cluster sits comfortably and securely on the udder and milks quickly and gently. The  DeLaval Harmony cluster can also be used with a variety of different Delaval liners, including our groundbreaking DeLaval Clover liner, making it a flexible solution.

  • Fast milk flow – up to 15 liters per minute
  • Increased cow comfort
  • Reduces milker’s workload by up to 50 percent
  • Fast-action shutoff ensures no dirt or air can enter if the cluster is kicked off
  • Stable vacuum levels during entire milking process reduces labour costs
  • Compatible with a wide range of DeLaval liners 

The  DeLaval Harmony™ cluster is the benchmark for performance and durability in the dairy industry. It brings together the innovative research and development that DeLaval has carried out over the years and combines it with the vast experience we have gained from working on farms globally.

The combination of innovative design and light, durable materials makes for a cluster that is comfortable, effective and easy to work with. The fast flows ensure that cows are milked quickly and effectively, and that the changeover process is as quick, efficient and simple as it can be.

DeLaval Harmony™ cluster is tested and proven to work seamlessly with our extensive range of dairy farming products and solutions, and is an integral part of high-quality, high-productivity farms all over the world.

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At DeLaval we are aware that every farm and every herd is different, so we offer a wide variety of clusters to suit the needs of every dairy farmer.

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