- Automation Systems



We realise automation systems of different complexity which can be configured in accordance with customer wishes. It is possible to integrate other system parts, such as customer process systems (mixing systems, tank farms, pasteurisation systems, upstream and downstream systems) and utilities (CIP systems, cooling water system, ...) into the MCT systems, as well as all FRINGS units and sections.

The MCT systems consist of:

  • Sensors
  • Changeover devices (optional)
  • Equipment such as valves, position regulators, etc.
  • Repeaters (optional)
  • Valve clusters (central or peripheral)
  • Cabling, cable channels and pneumatic distribution
  • Logic circuit cabinets with PLC (normally SIEMENS) and touch panel
  • Switch cabinets with power units
  • Data transfer systems

As an option, we also offer retrofits and modernisation packages for existing systems, or are able to upgrade external products.

Automation of complex systems
Larger system sections that are connected with one another can be realised with an automation system structured on several levels, consisting of peripheral control units and a superordinate SCADA system.

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