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m'daag is a product that supports plant growth and increases the productivity of soil. m' daag Features: Is a product that supports plant growth and increases the productivity of the soil. m'daag is completely harmless for human, plant, animal and nature. Increases the effectiveness of the product trough cotained in organic matter and independent amino acids. m'daag can be used at all stages of plant growth and all soil types.

  • Becomes soluble phosphorus in the soil slid, stimulates the production of enzymes that facilitate the receipt by plants.
  • Provides feeding balanced and regular of plants.
  • Facilitates the uptake breaking down organic matter in the soil by plants.
  • Provides increasing the volume of the root for the formation of the root system.
  • Increases germination power of seeds.
  • Vegetables and Ornamental Plants: 1 kg m'daag is mixed with 500 kg peat or potting soil (100 gr/da with drip irrigation)
  • Citrus, fruit trees and vineyard: After farmyard manure application 100 gr/da with irrigation system. Application is repeated every 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Banana: is made 100 gr/da with drip irrigation and the application is repeated 40 - 50 days with 2 or 4 times.
  • Strawberry: is given before planting 100 gr/da dose by drip irrigation. The application is repeated every month.
  • Maize: Seed application: after planting 200 gr/da dose with first irrigation.
  • Soil application: the first application after planting with first irrigation by 100 gr/da. The application is repeated in 5 - 6 leaves term.
  • Potato:
  • Soil application: after planting 200 gr/da dose with first application.
  • General Advice:
  • Seed application : 1 - 2 kg m'daag is mixed with 100 lt water then is applied with spray irrigation to seeds.
  • Foliar application : 200 gr m'daag is mixed with 100 lt. water then repeled to leaves.
  • Garden mold application: it can be used with mixing 500 gr garden mold with 1 kg m'daag.

Guaranteed Content:

  • Organic matter: %60
  • Free amino acid: %20
  • Total nitrogen (N): %3
  • Organic nitrogen (N): %3
  • Total phosphorus (P2O5): % 2
  • Water soluble potassium (K2O): % 1
  • pH: 4-6

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