- Model Foxlift - Remote Controlled Forklifts



Foxlift is a forklift on tracks with a folding footrest for man on board. The special feature of Foxlift which is unique in the world is that the barycentre and mast are movable along a rail. This allows Foxlift to lift a load of 1500 kg in maximum safety, with the mast moved completely forward to the front of the machine; it can also be easily transported on the platform of the truck due to its great compactness.

Foxlift can be driven both manually and, on request, with remote control. When Foxlift is equipped with a cherry picker, thanks to the remote control the operator can independently carry out all manoeuvres. For example, pruning plants, picking fruit, etc. aboard the cherry picker. Furthermore, the working height reaches five meters from the ground.

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