- Model Elastiqueuse 50+ and 70+ - Rubber Band Buncher



Automatic machine used to put elastic bands. Works with all kind of products: rosebushes, young wine, potted plants, small trees, asparagus, strawberry plants.

After putting the elastic on 4 hooks, the spreading is done automatically thanks to one sensor. Then the operator puts its product inside. With another sensor, product detection is also done automatically and the elastic is ejected instantaneously.

  • Easy use, no effort
  • Gain of productivity (up to 700 cycles per hour)
  • Easy moving thanks to 4 wheels
  • 3 possible adjustments : spreading and ejection time, adjustment of the product height and therefore of the elastic’s position
  • Instant wrapping
  • Maximum diameter :  150 or 210 mm depending on model
  • Minimum length of the elastic : 50 or 70 mm depending on model
  • Dimensions : 60 x 60 x 99 cm
  • Weight : 65 kg

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