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MediaMonitor is a platform under development by Red Skies which seeks to make it possible for media and marketing companies to quickly and cheaply mine information about many forms of media in use around the world.The platform is based around a cloud based platform which provides an API for recording media events along with a collection of associated metadata.This metadata includes information such as the local date and time of the event, the event code, the device make and model, the media type and so on.

Data is collected anonymously while the IP of the calling device is used to record a region such as the town where the device is located allowing detailed mining of data without compromising the privacy of the individual. Extended data can also be supplied such as hardware diagnostic information and user account information for hardware such as set top boxes (STB) used in closed networks. This allows television networks to securely profile individuals within their own network with the extended data only being available to the closed network operator while public data is made available to larger research data pool.
Why collect all of this information?

This data is made available through a number of services including the following.

Closed Networks:
Closed networks such as television networks with permission from their subscribers to collect data can use the system to easily track how each customer is using their network to build up an accurate profile of the user, allowing them to better serve that individual customer in the future.

These same closed networks can also collectively mine their full set of data to see which programs are popular, how many people are watching complete episodes of programs or any other regular action from their complete broadcast set.

Market Research:
A film studio could use the wider data pool to see how many people watched their movie during launch weekend, what devices were they using, the format of the media being viewed, how many people switched off within 30 minutes of the movie or how many devices played the same movie more than once in one weekend.

Since data is collected globally, viewing habits in New York could be compared to Paris or Europe against South America.

Being able to drill down to device, location and detailed event actions allows for an unprecedented level of detail to be mined about all digital media formats.

Of course, this doesn't just apply to film but also to music or even video games. Indeed, the API is designed to allow extended metadata to be supplied so a games company could use the same API to record the standard set of data plus information such as a players location or level in a game to help farm data from within interactive media.

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