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Model ERM 250/300 - Medium Duty Power Harrows



Three-point hitch frame designed for seed drills hitches, two-speed gearbox, rotors with ball bearings and high-resistance blades. Oversized three-point hicht frame and gearbox. Robust and versatile, it guarantees reliability and endurance.

  • three-point hitch frame
  • two-speed gearbox
  • adjustable and dampened side covers
  • pebble guard
  • CE covers.

  • Cage roller Ø 410 mm
  • Cage roller Ø 460 mm
  • Packer roller Ø 470 mm
  • Hydraulic cylinders for roller adjustment
  • Leveling bar
  • Hydraulic hitch for seed drill
  • PTO drive shaft with slip clutch

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