- Model MPVS-3500 - Vibration Sorter


Low noise occurrence due to narrow vibration width. Sole vibration of vlbratlonnet allows no mechanical stress on the machine. No leftover of fractured grains on the vlbratlonnet, allowing reduced working hours for cleaning. Grain supplying device allows equal distribution of grains for higher sorting ability. No loss of grains with properly sized screens. Possible to produce uniform product with the machine's excellent sorting ability. Economical due to Its ability to be Installed In relatively narrow spaces compared to other company machines.

  • Sorting semibroken rice out of nonglutlnous[regular] and brown rice.
  • Sorting rice bran chunk and rice bran powder.
  • Sorting nonmatured rice On the use of the brown rice function)
  • Color Sorting machine exclusive for broken rice has excellent sorting of large sized broken rice.

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