- Heavy Duty Frame Disc Harrow



Heavy Duty Frame Discharrow,Offset ; These are being manufactured as from 18discs until 36discs without folding and from 40discs until 56discs with foldable wings.It has more model alternatives with 22cm Disc spaces, 560mm – 610mm – 660mm disc diameters, plain and notched type discs.These alternatives enable to farmers for choosing the most suitable equipment for their own conditions.The disc direction angle that can be opened to 22C gets good soil working and also desired working depth. 2 pieces of land type tyres with the size 10.0/75 15.3 are used for each machines. It is absolutely a suitable equipment for diminished soil working and minimum soil working.

Robust And Rigid Frame
Frame is composed from steel profile with the dimension of 100x200x6. It is produced on the strong structure by thinking hard soil conditions.

Easy Angle Adjustment
The angle is altered mechanically with a series of holes and a locking pin. We can control the direction angels that effects to working depth,the properties of overturn and hackling, from the perforated mechanism on the frame.In accordance with the demand this setting can be done by the help of hydraulic pistons.

Strong Steel Shaft
The shaft is produced from high carbon steel with 40x40 square size.Our special product ,steel shaft, gets to compress the bold pin with desired torque.

Steel Special Product Spacer
The spacers which compose the battery are produced by steel pipes.It has a high tolerence against the riscs of schock strokes and breakings.Special manufactured spacers, special used size and strong steel shaft get to be compressed the bolt pin with the enough torque during the assemblage and prevent possible detentes.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scrapers
Our special products;the scrapers are composed by steel chassis and the points that is in the suitable norm for disc concavity.It can be worked on all soil conditions with the help of its strong structure. It can be fixed when the points are abreded.

Strong Bearing House
The bearing chassis that tied to frame with rigid and a strong tine and bearing covers are produced with sensitive dimension on CNC bars as special cast iron. There are double 6215 bold bearings and 2 oil felts with double 50x80x13 seals inside. The strong structure of the bearings can resist to resistance while working on the soil. It had been provided a bearing without a problem when the casting quality, sensitive process and bearings integrated.

Standart Pintle Hitch
Adjustable Pull type pintle hitch ensures a safe transport during road and solid pull of disc in field.

Easy Front To Rear Leveling System
Provides uniform front to rear disc gang penetration. Sprung rigger arm which is tied between shaft and drawbar provide the parallelism of front and rear batteries. Parallelism can be adjusted by screwed arm.It minimises the breaking of the bearings and discs by composing elastic structure and according to unevenness on the field surface at the time of working.Moreover, this mechanism prevents the deformations that can be composed on the shaft with the condition of road defects by performing suspension to wheels on transport position.

Side Discs
Reduces outside ridges and smooths out soil to create a level soil surface

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