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Rhizosphera biostimulant : favors plant low growing and growth to increase the yield potential.

Terms of use

3 application modes : by sprayer, by fertiliser spreader, by microgranular seeder. Mechanical or sprayer incorporation before or after seeding. A soil liming can be necessary before application.


Megaterhiz favors dynamic rhizosphera.
Its activity directly influences the plants growth and nutrition quality.

Megaterhiz fertilizes and increase phosphorus availability.It favors germination and root biomass.
Megaterhiz stimulate the plant growth for a better yield.

3 application modes :

Water-soluble powder

3 packaging formats :
  • Bucket 10 kg (Water-soluble powder)
  • Big Bag 600 kg (Granular)
  • Bag 20 kg (Microgranular)

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