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Allowing you to focus on your business with a peace of mind while we save you time and money. MegaWash machines are conducted by certified Coldwell Solar technicians along with heavy equipment operator credentials. When onsite, our team is trained to look for potential solar issues with the highest regard to safety and security.

  • Uses 80% less water than traditional washing (4000 gallons using a traditional water truck vs 800 gallons using MegaWash based on 1 MW DC).
  • Uses 75% less time than transitional washing (2 people/16 hours vs. MegaWash 4 hours). Focus on your core business and leave the maintenance to MegaWash the solar panel cleaning and technical experts.
  • Washing your solar panels after the accumulation of dust and particals results in energy lost. MegaWash prevents up to 20.4% annual production loss due to dirt and soiling.

Laser guided precision
Laser guided to protect your multimillion dollar solar investment

Ultrasonic Sensors
By using ultrasonic sensors and electronic control, this ensures solar panel safety

Ultra-soft Brush
We use only the finest, ultra-soft brush for a smooth contact with your solar panels. Same technology used in a car wash.

Automatic surface leveling
Electronic control adjusts automatically to panel surface level as ground terrain level changes / fluctuate

MegaWash services does it all

Utility Scale Projects
Utility scale and commercial applications. We are ground mount specialists.

Cold storage, packing houses, processors, wineries and other agriculture business facilities

Orchards, vineyards, dairies and other farms with heavy power usage or multiple meters

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