- Complimentary Equipment



These additional mobile or fixed equipments allow to obtain products referees at the future needs of the users.

Applications and Performance
MENART has developed a series of ingenious machines to meet its needs in pioneering projects or to supplement the applications of its standard equipment:

  • separators
  • bagging machines
  • irrigation equipment
  • additive measuring feeders
  • mixer-siever

Function and Technology

MENART’s Mobile Autonomous Separation System (Système de Séparation Autonome Mobile (SSAM)) is placed downstream on the rotary screen and allows the user to recycle and put inert material and composted wood to better use after sieving.

In order to meet ever-increasing demands for quality recycle products, MENART developed the SSAM to sieve away unwanted elements in compost and non-composted wood.

Separation techniques :

  • air removal for plastics /aérauliques
  • ballistics for heavy bodies (stones, glass)
  • magnets for ferrous metal

Strong Points

  • mobile
  • compact
  • efficient
  • double suction turbine
  • transportable in ampiroll container

Function And Technology

MENART’s semi-manual EMB allows the user to bag up compost for retail purposes. The weighing system is automated and personalised. This equipment is supplied with a manual sewing system and roller conveyor in order to move the sacs safely.

Strong Points

  • automated and controllable weighing system
  • ergonomic operations for the l’opérateur couseur
  • semi-industrial

Function And Technology

MENART’s IRRI irrigation equipment has been designed to supplement MENART turners and inject large volumes of liquid (effluents, cheap wine, liquid manure, water, etc.) into the heart of the windrows in order to dampen solid material consistently throughout and recycle the effluents.

The IRRI are mounted on wheels, equipped with a pump, engine and a motorised roller supplied with an irrigation hose which connects to a MENART turner. They pump liquids from a canal and inject them into the heart of the windrow during the material mixing process.


The IRRI are available in two models:

  • IRRI 50
  • IRRI 120

The motor can be either electric or diesel and the controls can be either manual or remote-controlled.
Strong Points

  • mobiles
  • autonomous
  • large volumes
  • continuous injection

Function And Technology

MENART’s rubble mixer-recycler has been developed at the request of recyclers following new European legislation concerning the prohibition to use excavated earth which has not undergone specific preliminary treatment.

The method consists in adding limewash or earthen cement in order to ease the separation of different grains before reutilisation.

  • The earth is fed into the first hopper, which uses a moving floor at variable speeds, by crane or loader.
  • A second closed hopper is designed to receive the limestone or the cement which will be dispersed throughout the flow to be treated.
  • The flow of additives is proportional and pre-programmable in comparison to the volume of earth.
  • Finally a rotor-mixer-unraveller/comb equals out the mix before pouring it onto a discharge conveyor belt towards the sieving system.

Strong Points

  • mobile tracked version or stationary
  • large hopper
  • easy to load

Function And Technology

The mixer-sieve jigger is composed of bi-directional hoppers allowing the user to load the mixer drum or the sieve.

This equipment has been developed for co-compost sludge treatment sites. The sludge is first of all mixed with shredded green waste and then, once the mix has been composted, is screened by the same equipment.


  • TM 1535
  • TM 1850

Strong Points

  • Integrated two-way hopper
  • 2-in-1 sieve and mixer /cribleur et mélangeur
  • Reduced cluttering and congestion
  • Controlled investmentinvestissement maîtrisé
  • Water-tight nature adapted to different sludge types

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