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- Model MJ - Crusher


Amazing how MERI crusher grinds almost anything from small trees, stumps and branches with its extra hard carbide teeth. The crusher has low power demand compared to its crushing capacity. The crusher is able to crush up to 25 cm (10 inches) below ground level depending on the model. The design of the crusher is module-based so you can choose the right equipment for your specific needs. The MERI crusher is equipped with a built-in safety clutch that protects the transmission components from too high torque peaks. All models can be equipped with double transmission (DT) so you can use it on tractors up to 280 hp. The crusher can be used both for down-cutting or counter milling. The crusher can be mounted on different base machines either in the rear or front. Light, but strong construction enables the use of both small and big tractors.


  • Crushing slash
  • Clearing tracks
  • Preparing to forest
  • Preparing fire safety lanes
  • Maintaining forest roads
  • Clearing and maintaining power lines


  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Crushing stumps
  • Maintaining park paths
  • Preparing and maintaining jogging and ski tracks


  • Crushing old fruit and berry trees
  • Preparing soil
  • Maintaining farm roads
  • Keeping fallow land in presentable condition
  • Reclaiming old farm land

Optional equipment

  • Counter blade for crushing wood.
  • Rear drum.
  • Felling frame.
  • Support wheels.
  • Hydraulic controlled rear drum and felling frame.

    MERI pressure operated safety clutches

    The efficiency of the MERI safety clutch as a 'peak killer' is based on its superior ability to withstand high temperatures and resist wearing. All the key components used in the safety clutch have been widely tested and are used in the car industry. They are designed to withstand thousands of sliding motions in difficult working conditions. By using the POC safety clutch there is no loss in torque resulting from the sliding motions of the clutch. You can be sure that the torque level you select is transmitted without diminution to the application in question.

    The pressure operated safety clutch has the following advantages:
  • Saves repair costs on machinery
  • Saves time
  • No need for oversized power transfer components
  • Quick, accurate and easy adjustment with a grease gun

    Applications of the safety clutch
  • Power takeout lines between tractors and their implements
  • Power takeout lines where trailers are connected to a tractor's ground speed PTO
  • Industrial power transfer applications

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