- Model PK - Side Tipping Peat Trailers



Efficient and reliable side tipping peat trailers for both milled and sod pat production. Eight large diameter wheels quarantee smooth and sure tranportation for peat from field to stockpile.

The advantage of disc type machines is their reliability and capability to cut any trees on bog. The cutting disc cuts the peat from the bog and feeds it into the extruding unit, where it is turned into sod peat. There are three types of extruding units: conical , flat head and wave sod extruders. The appropriate type is chosen on the basis of the bog type, as well as the requirements of the peat users. Two cutting disc models are available: equipped with cup type cutters or spout type cutters. Sod peat machines can be equipped with an optional levelling drum, which compacts and evens out the coarse track left by tractor wheels. Sod peat drops onto a level and clean base, which facilitates faster drying.

Basic data

  • Volume ~ 30 m³
  • Weight 5900 kg

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