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Welded 3” I beam cross members coupled with “Super High Grip” diamond plate floors with unsurpassed diamond height and edge sharpness and you have the long-life, leak-resistant floor that Merritt has always been known for. Lower rear partition gate has been widened to 55' to help reduce bruising. You can operate the ramp lid with the gate open or closed for increased driver safety. Shown with optional basket chute extension. Front 60' wide counterbalance ramp makes loading and unloading quick and easy. Easily greased hinge pipes and nylon slide strips make it smooth to operate under any conditions.

  • Bull Nose:
    Introduced by Merritt in the 1960’s, this innovative design couples good looks with improved fuel economy. It remains the most efficient design for lowering aerodynamic drag and producing a smooth inside surface that does not bruise livestock. This increase in fuel efficiency will put extra dollars back into your pocket over the life of the trailer.

  • Roof Construction:
    Merritt’s roof is designed to haul livestock and is built w/.050 aluminum skin fully riveted to roof bows that will resist flexing and stop costly roof repairs. No gimmicks or van roofs here, only the time-tested best.

  • Welded Floors with 3' I-Beam Cross Members:
    The strongest floor in the business is built with 3' I-beams welded to a thicker floor plate. I-Beam cross members won’t flatten out after years of use and with no rivets to vibrate loose, the floor will stay in place. Closer rib spacing means better footing and fully overlapped top seams ensure fewer leaks. Working together they increase the usable life of your new Merritt.

  • Sheet and Post Design:
    High grade aluminum alloys that are heat treated to resist dents and tears and shines better than any trailer on the market today. This also provides unmatched inside width for maximum livestock comfort.

  • Upgraded Running Gear:
    Aluminum hubs, Centrifuse drums and extended service brakes mean lighter weight and lower life cycle costs. All are standard equipment on a Merritt trailer.
  • LED Lights:
    Merritt again takes the lead in safety by being the first livestock trailer to be standard with LED lighting. Lower life cycle cost with longer harness life, fewer wiring problems and brighter lights mean lower maintenance cost.

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