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Despite the rising prices for commercial real estate, investors are concerned about the long payback period for such investments. This Problem can be solved, if there is technology that allows to reduce the time and cost of construction. Today, this technology is available at Metexcom.

Frameless hangar construction technology has been developed by an American company, which is globally well known, as ABM (Automatic Building Machine) and UBM (Ultimate Building Machine). Note Metexcom is the sole owner, within the Baltic States of such equipment. The closest neighboring countries with similar systems are in Russia and Scandinavia. The possibilities of ABM is quite diverse in building warehouses, logistics terminals, shopping centers and indoor markets, Industrial and agricultural buildings, sports facilities, residential and office buildings roofs and attics.

The Technology

ABM system a key component – The automatic building machine, is mounted on a special trailer of a truck, with an Independent power supply. The Construction vehicle is towed to the construction site, where corrugated panels are made into self-supporting arch -sectional side walls and end panels for straight walls. Materials are galvanized and polymer coated steel strip in coils. Then, the arches are joined together, using an automatic seaming machine, in order to form a fully weatherproof seam. A finished group of arches are then lifted by crane on to a prepared foundation.

ABM arched panels are fully self-supporting by design, which distinguishes ABM buildings from framework type structures, including traditional 'hangars”. Self-supporting arches can span widths up to 32 meters without intermediate supports, beams and trusses, which increases the useful area. ABM buildings do not require waterproofing. When assembling and strengthening the arches using with seaming machine technology, do not need washers, bolts or screws. By automating the production of panels, a team of 10 people, can build a building of an area of 1000 square meters during a week.

  • Using this unique frameless technology, a hangar can be built of an unlimited length and a width of 10 to 32 meters at the base with a maximum height at the midpoint of up to 12 meters;
  • Quick and easy construction - a hangar area of 1000 square meters of arched elements, can be manufactured and installed in 2 weeks;
  • Frameless technology is also suitable for the manufacture of individual building elements, as additions to existing buildings;
  • More open and useful space, which is not obstructed by vertical supports, as found in traditional typically built hangers;
  • There is no need to make additional waterproofing, since the seams between arches are airtight;
  • Frameless hangars are multifunctional.

ABM building technology achieves a high rate of quality finished buildings. Quality is the key: technology and materials. In technology ABM, due to high automation, offset by the level of training of the workers. Positive impact on the quality of the finished product and has no fasteners. Used for the construction of High-strength galvanized steel and polymer coated is used in construction. This combination provides a high corrosion resistance and durability.

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