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Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha Ludens)



The Mexican fruit fly (Anastrepha ludens), or mexfly, is a prominent agricultural pest in Mexico, parts of Central America and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The mexfly readily attacks more than 50 fruit types including citrus, mango and avocado. USDA APHIS and the Mexican government cooperate in a programme to suppress Mexican fruit fly and prevent its spread.

Oxitec Mexfly (OX3097B)

OX3097B is a female-specific Oxitec strain. The strain provides 100% female lethality in the absence of a dietary supplement, allowing population suppression without the need for irradiation, and permitting a male-only release in the final release generation. The Oxitec Mexfly is homozygous and is currently being tested at Oxitec for conditional lethality, marker performance and mating competitiveness. It is now available for evaluation and demonstration by third parties.

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