- Model V-Max Series - Manure Spreaders



The new V-Max Series Super Spreader is the most user-friendly spreader on the market today. The manure pattern stays low to minimize splash and wind carried manure. You can spread in any direction regardless of the wind. The Meyer spreader keeps your tractor and spreader clean. The spreader will unload fast and give you an even, consistent spread pattern.

The rear unload system is low maintenance with this new aggressive design.
Shaft driven 540 RPM vertical expellers combined with break away material guides provide extremely aggressive and consistent spreading without plugging.  The Super Spreaders large 42 X 27' gate opening accepts tough material and others just can't handle.

The vertical expellers are turning in opposite directions at 540 RPM's.  This creates an excellent separation of all types of manure and waste products.  Spread pattern stays low and even.  Wind has no effect on your spread pattern, wind will not drift manure onto your tractor or spreader.

The heavy duty rear gate is 1/2' thick and slides up and down against a thick, non-freezable poly panel. Designed for cold weather usage.

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