- Model II - Bins & Hoppers



MFS AGRI II storage bins are made durable for farm applications and are available in three models with sizes ranging from 1000 to 88,000 bushels.

  1. Bin capacities are approximate figures. The capacities shown above and on the previous page are based on 1.25 cubic feet per bushel and a compaction factor of 6% in accordance with ASAE voluntary standard.
  2. Capacities are in bushels and are calculated as follows: Storage Bins: Grain loaded it 1' from eave plus peaked into the roof are at a 28f angle under floor plenum are deducted.

Hopper Bottom Bins
Surpassing the challenges posed in the construction and design of hopper bins, the MFS line of hopper bins insures long lasting trouble free performance.

Feed Bins
Standing the test of time is our reputation. Flexibility and a more than adequate number of models and sizes tailored to meet the needs of your situation all at an affordable price.

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