Model MGW Series - Rotavators


Our high efficiency Rotavators are able to work under virtually any conditions.

  • Gearbox: A 4 speed 150 hp main gearbox giving rotor speeds from 103 - 459 rpm with 540 and 1000 rpm pto
  • Heavy Duty Double Flanged Blade Mountings
  • Large 540mm Rotor Diameter
  • Heavy Duty Side Gear Drive
  • Skid Saver side Ploughs fitted as Standard
  • Frame: A vibration absorbing box section frame of heavy steel further reinforced with a full length square tube
  • Flanges: Vibration absorbing large capacity flanges
  • Depth Guides: Adjustable/removable depth guides
  • Gears: High capacity precision gears
  • Oil Seals: Multi directional oil seals
  • Rear Door: Spring loaded rear door adjustment cat
  • Linkage: 2  TPL (3 position)

Operational Features

  • Optional Blade Type Rotor
  • Packer or Coil Roller
  • Tractor Wheeling Eradicators
  • Improves water storage and retention

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