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UV beams are part of the natural sunbeams and largely around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths from the UV beams (the UVC wavelength) kills virusses, bacteries and fungi. This property can be used for UVC disinfecting, and is a commonly used technology in food and medical sectors.

The 7 best reasons to use the Micothon Flora UVC:
1. Large savings on costs for chemicals and sulfur. Up to €0,50/m2 per year.
2. Higher production: less grow delay that is caused by fungi spraying. Up to 0,40€/m2 per year.
3. Higher production due to healthier, shinier crops. Up to 0,20€/m2 per year.
4. Beneficial Biology is not affected by chemicals so less costs for replacement.
5. Higher product quality due to healthier and more biological crop.
6. Low operational costs (for electrical power less than 1€/hr.)
7. Employees can safely continue with harvest and crop care immediately after application; so higher productivity.

UVC systems are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Many thousands of applications are in use today disinfecting water for millions of people around the world. The field of ultraviolet technology is receiving much attention from consumers, business, academia and government. The absence of chemicals makes it a safe and green technology. The economical advantages make it attractive to increase the number of possible applications. Harnessing the power of Ultraviolet technology to improve the water, air and environment provides a significant and lasting benefit to humans everywhere.

Extended use in greenhouses: FLORA UVC
The greenhouse roofs block most of the sun’s natural UVC radiation. By shining artificially generated UVC light on the greenhouse crops, the disinfecting properties can reduce the damage on the crops from fungi infections. Micothon bv. developed this technology further as a special add on for the existing spraying robot for practical use on greenhouse crops.

High capacity essential for success: 3500-5000m2/hr
Micothon Flora UVC is a technology with a high capacity. The danger from fungi can only be controlled if the disinfecting is carried out every one or 2 days as new fungi spores have to be stopped before they can reproduce. The well known Micothon automatic sprayer is standard equipped with 400 V electrical power that can be used for the UVC lamps, a width of 4.80 or 8 meter can be treated in one workflow. The custom-made spraying robot can be adjusted to your own specific needs.

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