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Model Micro 44 - Irrifrance Hose Reels



A Reel Machine Adapted To Satisfy Your Needs. Designed and built in-house by Irrifrance, the Micro series is a compact, user-friendly and proven range of mini hose reels with a second-to-none hydraulic output.

  • When supplied with low wheeled Stadium Trolley, it is the ideal hose reel irrigator for sports grounds, golf course fairways and landscaped amenity areas.
  • Inexpensive and easy to maneuver it provides a reliable and very versatile method of achieving the uniform distribution of irrigation water at all times.

  • An ideal unit for small scale vegetables and market garden crops.
  • The High Clearance (70cm) Sprinkler Trolley with variable wheel centres is quickly positioned within the crop rows to offer a very cost effective insurance against the impact of drought conditions.

The versatile drive motors are designed to operate at low to medium pressures with rewind speeds of between 10-40 metres/hour.

The use of the famous single-stroke bellows drive water motor, a technique developed by Irrifrance, is appreciated world-wide
Energy saving, simple and totally reliable the robust mechanism requires minimal attention and maintenance.

Mounted on three wheels the robust triangular chassis supports the hose drum in the in-line position for optimum balance and ease of movement. This little reel machine can be repositioned and the hose pulled out into the irrigating position either manually or with a mini tractor.

  • Slow closing automatic shut-down valve
  • Front end hose guide mechanism
  • Komet 163 part/full circle sprinkler
  • Fully galvanised Stadium or Horticultural Trolley (as detailed above)

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